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Tips For Foreign-Trained Health Professionals Looking To Buy A Car

If you’ve just moved to the U.S. and are assimilating to the culture and way of life, there are three very important steps you have to think about. You must think about finding a good place to live, opening a bank account, and buying a car. All of these can seem scary at first, but with the right help, it can be easy.

Here are three easy tips for buying your first car in the U.S. as a foreign-trained healthcare professional.

Understanding credit history

Unless you plan on buying a car outright with cash, you’re going to have to finance your car and pay it off over the course of a few years. In order to do this, you have to have a good credit history that shows you have paid bills on time and have repaid loans in the past. However, because you are new to the country, you will not have a credit history.

There are other ways you as a foreign-trained healthcare professional can prove you can pay for the car like showing a letter from your employer with your salary or bringing a pay stub and money you have put aside for a down payment. MedPro can help foreign-trained professionals buy a car without a credit history.

Choosing the best car for your lifestyle

There are many different types of cars on the market, from small two-door to vans for an entire family. When choosing a car, think about hobbies (hiking, camping, etc.) that you enjoy doing as well as how many people your car needs to fit. This will help you choose the best vehicle for your lifestyle.

Registering your car

Before you drive your car, you need to register it under your name. Most of the time, car dealerships will take care of this step for you. If not, you can register it at the Departement of Motor Vehicles by simply filling out some information and showing a couple of documents.

The team at MedPro will be sure to assist you with all aspects of purchasing your first car.

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