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Tips for Building Recommendations While on a Travel Assignment

If you’re working on a travel assignment and wondering how to receive recommendations from supervisors and colleagues, the process is pretty much the same as it would be if you were working in a more permanent position at a hospital or medical center.

Basically, do your best work and then ask for recommendations.

Step 1) Doing your best work. This pretty much goes without saying. Yet working as a travel professional makes it a bit harder to do your best work. After all, you’re in a new environment and are being asked to get up to speed quickly in the facility’s way of doing things. This can be a challenge, but not an insurmountable one.

Work hard, ask questions and volunteer to do more when your current tasks are complete. In addition, start scoping around for people/colleagues whom you know are happy with your work. These individuals would make good people to ask when it comes time for you to ask for recommendations.

Step 2) Then ask. As your assignment nears its end, you’ll want to go to the people you’ve identified in Step 1 for recommendations.

A good way to approach them is to say something along these lines:

“I’ve enjoyed working with you. Do you feel you know my work well enough to write a good letter of recommendation for me?”

(Note: It’s important to ask if the person will write a “good” letter of recommendation. You might assume that when you ask someone to write a recommendation letter for you, she knows you mean you want a good letter. But some people won’t assume this and may write what you consider to be a “bad” recommendation letter, one that doesn’t sing your praises and may even portray you negatively. So just be safe and be sure to ask if the person will write a good letter of recommendation.)

Provide the individual with an updated copy of your CV/resume.

If the person is pressed for time, you can offer to write the letter for him or her (or the rough draft). You’ll want to be sure to give this letter to the individual so that he or she can sign it and/or re-write it/edit it to more accurately describe their recommendation of your work.

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