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Tips for Finding the Perfect Apartment as a Foreign-Trained Professional

As a foreign-trained professional, there are many new life lessons you will be learning, and decisions you will have to make. One of these major decisions is figuring out where you would like to live your new area. Before you start looking for the right living space for you, here are some basic questions you need to ask yourself.

1. What can I afford?
You have to remember that you have a budget when looking for apartments and other housing options. It’s easy to look around and be swayed by an apartment building with really nice amenities like a pool, BBQ grills, and a fitness room. However, it’s advised that you spend no more than 30% of your income on housing. Be sure to make a budget and stick to it so that you can still afford groceries, car payments, and other important expenses without getting into debt.

2. Do I want a roommate?
If you’re traveling alone, you have the option to either live on your own or with a roommate. If you are traveling with your family or a spouse, then you will need to take them into consideration when finding a housing option as well. You need to be sure you have enough space for everyone. One reason why having a roommate can be beneficial is that it can help you save money since you can split the rent. However, you will not have as much personal space.

3. How far do I want to be from work?
When choosing a rental option, you also need to consider how far it is from your place of work. Do you want to be close your facility, or do you not mind driving a littler further? You might find cheaper options further away, but you’ll be giving up the convenience of only having to drive a few miles away from your facility.

4. What is my neighborhood like?
Again, you might be trying to find a cheaper place, but you also have to consider location. Be sure to think about crime rates in an area, as well as how close you are to grocery stores, hospitals, and schools, especially if your family is involved. Do you have children? Consider finding an area where there is a lot of family-friendly activities and places for children to enjoy, like a public swimming pool, day care center, or activity center.

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