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Time to Get Social!

If you’re looking for great healthcare travel staffing recruiters or companies, mine the pages of your favorite recruiter for additional recruiters to follow or link with.

If you’re looking for other healthcare travelers so that you may link up/follow in order to learn which travel staffing firms are better than others, leverage your favorite recruiter’s social media pages. Recruiters tend to know a lot of people, including both healthcare department/facility managers as well as healthcare professionals.

Not only is your recruiter your “friend” (in that he or she offers you travel assignments), your recruiter is your gateway to even more recruiters (and possibly more assignments) and more travelers (who can refer you to other recruiters for more and better assignments).

So take a good look at your recruiter’ s social media pages, especially LinkedIn. See with whom he or she is linked. You’ll notice that many are recruiters for other travel staffing firms. Many are other healthcare travelers.

Now pick and choose. Take a look at recruiters/healthcare travelers who interest you.

When it comes to travelers, you’ll probably find many who are the same type of traveler as you (nurse, pharmacist, OT, PT, speech therapist, etc.). If so, see where they work or have worked. Do the assignments interest you? What about the assignment locations?

Ask to link to the travelers. Many people are happy to link with people they don’t know (they are called “open linkers,” since they’re open to linking with anyone who asks). Be sure to mention in your request that you’re a healthcare traveler and are hoping a connection will be mutually beneficial.

Also take a look at your recruiter’s connections with an eye to connecting with other travel healthcare recruiters. Which ones recruit in your specialty? Which ones are located near your home who you could eventually meet in person?

The point is to use your connection with your recruiter as leverage to connect with as many other recruiters/travelers as possible. This will help you learn which travel staffing firms are worth your time and expands your reach to recruiters who can help you in your traveling career.

If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to link up with one of more of MedPro Healthcare Staffing healthcare travel recruiters. We can help you learn more about this great career option and get you started quickly. We look forward to hearing from you.