The MedPro Experience FAQ

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Who is eligible for The MedPro Experience program?

Any Explorer that begins a new assignment with MedPro Healthcare Staffing on or after September 1, 2016.

Who are the “Explorers”?

Here at MedPro Staffing, every healthcare professional we employ┬áis referred to as an “Explorer”. Our goal is to help our Explorers explore both personally and professionally while on assignment with us.

Who are the “Guides”?

Our primary goal of every member of our Corporate Office is to guide our Explorers through every step of their MedPro journey; therefore you will see the word “Guide” used throughout the various position titles throughout our company.

How will the MedPro Experience team know my preferences in advance?

As soon as your assignment is confirmed you will receive an email from The MedPro Experience team which will include a YOUnique Profile for you to complete. This profile will allow The MedPro Experience team to recognize and reward your accomplishments with things that are important to you.

How long will I be participating in the program?

As long as you are on assignment with MedPro Healthcare Staffing you will qualify to participate in The MedPro Experience. Each time you sign on for a new assignment whether that be at a new facility or an extension of an existing assignment, you will remain a participant in the various programs offered by The MedPro Experience.