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The Best Diets to Follow in 2021

The 11th annual list for best diets, according to the U.S. News & World Report, was recently released and the theme among the Top 3, is eat your vegetables!

Coming in as the top-ranked diet for the fourth-consecutive year was the Mediterranean Diet, followed by a two-way tie between both the DASH and Flexitarian Diet(s). The Weight Watchers Diet landed the fourth spot, while the Mayo Clinic, MIND, TLC, Volumetrics Diet(s) all tied to round out the Top 5.

In all, 39 diets were ranked as part of a panel based on input from numerous health experts, food psychologists and dieticians. The list allows resolution seekers to ultimately navigate it and find one right for them to get the new year started right.

Mediterranean Diet

This diet is one that puts more emphasis on legumes, beans, produce, nuts, whole grains, seasonings and especially olive oil. The diet, itself, is low in red meat, as well as saturated fats, flours and sugars. Seafood and poultry, including eggs and dairy products, are typically consumed just a few times-per-week on this diet as meat serves more as a complementary addition to plates, rather than the focal point. A daily glass of red wine is encouraged because of its ties to the region, as well as it contains resveratrol, which has been linked to possibly adding years to one’s life.

The health benefits to this lifestyle are immense as this diet has been linked to weight loss, brain health, cancer and diabetes prevention, heart and blood health and other forms of chronic disease.


One of the most-nutritionally sound meal plans you can follow is the DASH diet. In fact, it has been linked to relieving hypertension and high blood pressure. Your grocery list for this diet includes, but is not limited to, fruits and vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and low-fat dairy products. The potassium, fiber, protein and calcium nutrients in the foods you consume as part of this diet will help regulate your blood pressure because the diet discourages fatty dairy foods, tropical oils and red meats.

Keeping up with this diet also means you must also cap your daily sodium intake around 2,300 milligrams-per-day. Ultimately, the best way to maintain this diet is to apply a single serving of vegetables or fruit to each meal, while enhancing taste with seasonings not containing salt.

Flexitarian Diet

The basis for this diet is a simple one, be a ‘flexible’ vegetarian and, in doing so, feel free to indulge with a burger or steak whenever you have a craving. You ultimately do no not have to give up meat altogether, but still can enjoy the benefits of dropping weight as a vegetarian. The purpose for this meal plan is to lose weight, via a primarily vegetarian lifestyle, while also improving your overall health, but still enjoying the occasional carnivorous cheat entrée.

This plan must adhere to a strict consumption rate, which launches with a five-week plan, consisting of three-square meals and two snacks, all combining for 1,500 daily calories. Breakfast should be limited to 300 calories, while lunches are 400 and dinners are 500. Each snack should be 150 calories, taking one between breakfast and lunch, while the other is reserved as a bridge between lunch and dinner.

Click HERE and HERE for the source articles, both courtesy of U.S. News & World Report.

The above diets will hopefully help resolution-seeking travel nurses find one right for them to get the new year started right. Ultimately, what works for some, may not necessarily work for all. The beauty in all three of the diets is the ability to take meals on the go, as well as limit food waste, and in relieving stress, which for healthcare professionals, are all welcome benefits for the job. It comes down to selecting one you feel most comfortable with. Happy eating!

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