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How Healthcare Reform May Impact Travel Healthcare Professionals

The upholding of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by the U.S. Supreme Court in early summer is good news for traveling healthcare professionals – more hospitals, clinics and other medical centers will need nurses, OTs, PTs, and speech therapists more than ever.

After all, the ACA will see to it that 32 million formerly uninsured Americans will receive health insurance. That can only mean that more people – who now don’t go to doctors and other healthcare providers for preventative care or when they have the cold or flu because they can’t afford health insurance – will soon visit doctors and other medical professionals far more routinely.

More visits mean a greater need for providers. Until – and if – a healthcare facility ever gets a handle on how many more people they will need to service, per diem and traveling healthcare professionals will be in something of the proverbial catbird seat. After all, traveling professionals can come to a facility when a need is acute and leave when patient population wanes.

If this isn’t a perfect time to be a traveling healthcare professional, we can’t think of another!

Healthcare reform more than likely will exacerbate that shortage and need for per diem and traveling professionals as medical facilities must rely on temporary assignments to cover staffing shortages. We anticipate that the ACA will benefit traveling professionals such as OTs, PTs and speech therapists. wrote in April 2011 that “thousands of nursing and therapist jobs will be created. Hospitals and healthcare employers will source a mix of permanent and temporary RNs and therapists and staffing agencies will be on the lookout for highly skilled caregivers with competitive credentials.”

And, speaking of “competitive credentials,” Anne Baye Erickson writes at, that some hospitals are becoming picker when it comes to the experience of travelers. Some hospitals are asking that RNs have a minimum of four years’ experience, instead of the “usual” two.

So with opportunity comes responsibility – the obligation to keep your skills sharp and to offer your patients your best efforts.

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