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The Advantages of Being a Travel Nurse

Aside from the obvious reasons as to why it’s great to work as a travel nurse (the chance to live in different cities, meet new people and patients, learn new and valuable skills, etc.), there are more subtle (perhaps even “hidden”) benefits that come with a travel nurse career.

Travel nurses by definition are always traveling. This means they tend to live “small” while they’re living large. Traveling nurses tend to have fewer possessions and responsibilities.

If you like the idea of minimal living with few possessions to weigh you down, then a career as a travel nurse is perfect for you.

This doesn’t mean that traveling nurses don’t have a place to call home. Far from it. Many own homes or rent lovely homes/apartments. But since they move frequently, they tend to know what’s important and ignore the rest.

So if you’ve needed a reason to cull your home of “stuff,” signing up with a travel nurse service such as MedPro Healthcare Staffing could be just the push you need to get the decluttering job done.

You also may find that you have more time off than your colleagues who work in one place. There can be plenty of downtime between assignments, leaving you plenty of opportunities to relax, visit with friends and family, take long vacations, explore your assignment city, and take continuing education courses in interesting places.

In fact, you can be as busy as you’d like – or not. Just let us know of your availability as your assignment is nearing its end. If you want one right away, just let us now. If you’d prefer to take some time off, that’s fine too. Just give us a date that you’re available for your next assignment. We’re happy to accommodate your needs/desires.

You also could make more money as a travel nurse. Travel nurses are paid a per diem, one that typically is at a higher hourly rate than nurses who work in one place. surveyed travel nurses and found that 62 percent make between $27 and $38 an hour, while 20 percent said they earn more than $40 an hour while on assignment.

In addition, most assignments offer guaranteed hours, as well as the chance to earn overtime pay rates. Travel nurse firms such as ours also often offer sign-on, referral and assignment-completion bonuses.

Have you worked as a travel nurse? What advantages have you found that we didn’t mention here?

If you’re an RN with at least one (preferably two) years of experience and you have a desire to see the country, send your resume/CV to a recruiter at MedPro Healthcare Staffing. We hope to have the opportunity to discuss this exciting career track with you soon!