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If you’re into astrology, you know all about your zodiac sign and what it means when it comes to your personality. You know how you handle conflict and what you’re like in a relationship, but have you ever thought about what it says about you as a travel nurse?

Here are the top four most adventurous zodiac signs. Are you on the list?

1. Sagittarius

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Sagittarius lives for adventure, which means they are willing to take just about any assignment anywhere. Small town? No problem. Big city? That’s a piece of cake. These signs are one of the most flexible travel nurses around, and they welcome each assignment as a chance to explore. They won’t just go for the assignment either, but rather, to experience the area in which they are working with their free time.

2. Gemini

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Geminis are super social, which means they can make friends in any place they go to. They are sure to thrive because they see each new place as a chance to have an adventure to and learn about the world around them. They love meeting new people, and they love their independence. They love to have fun and see their assignments as a chance to do just that, as well as touch many lives in a positive way.

3. Libra


Libra lives for their freedom, which is why they make such great travel nurse. They are totally okay with moving from place to place every few weeks and love experiencing new places. If they did not get their first pick, that’s totally okay with them. While a place might be unexpected, they see it as a challenge to experience it and thrive in their new area. They are not the ones to get homesick at all.

4. Pisces

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Pisces can be a more emotional sign, so it might be a little harder for them to just up and leave the people they love, however, once they do, they thrive in their new environment. Pisces make great nurses because they are loving and compassionate, and want to help others. Once they push out of their comfort zone, they enjoy experiencing the adventures that travel nursing brings.