I come from Manilla and I was introduced to MedPro before I ever left the Philippines. While I was in school, my professors encouraged me to think about working in the United States where I would have more opportunity for good work and professional growth. After working for two years in the Philippines, I decided to give traveling a try and got all my paper work together. I contacted MedPro through a company in Manilla. MedPro helped me to get my visa, which is not a sure shot these days, and I was soon working at my first assignment in Florida.

My MedPro recruiter’s line is always open to me. If I have a question, I just send an email and she responds to me right away! She has also supported me in my goal to travel around Florida and try out different locations. Since January 2006, she’s worked to find me assignments in Miami, Merritt Island and Orlando.

With my recruiters help, I’ve had a chance to get to know what I like in a job and a city. My favorite spot so far is Orlando where I’ve been for my last two assignments. When I’m ready to find a permanent job, I think it will be here.