After I graduated from the University of Florida—GO GATORS!–with a B.S. in Health Science and a M.S. of PT my first job was at the Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC). My supervisor at ORMC talked to me a lot about her days as a travel therapist, and after two years of working I decided to try traveling therapy. I worked for another travel company for one and a half years before I switched to MedPro Staffing because I heard wonderful things about the company–especially that the pay was great!

My first experience with MedPro was speaking with the recruiter who I found to be very knowledgeable, professional, helpful, pleasant and–above all else–HONEST! I liked that I was told the truth about my pay. The other company never explained to me just how all of the “perks” were being funded.

After traveling with MedPro for about nine months, I took a permanent job but I only lasted nine months before I began to long to travel again. I missed getting paid every Friday, changing my work environment–which helps me avoid burnout and job dissatisfaction, and visiting friends all over the country while making lots of money!

I’ve developed a great relationship with my recruiter. She’s gotten to know me, and all of my likes and dislikes. I talk her all the time, usually to report on how my assignment is going, but every once in a while I call just to see how she’s doing. It’s like talking to a big sister!!!! She can help with any problem. I once arrived at an assignment before it officially began. My recruiter quickly fixed the problem and I received pay for the days before my job started!

My last assignment in Washington D.C. at the VA medical center was awesome! I saw the snow, the Pope, the cherry blossoms, all of the monuments, college friends, childhood friends and family. I also made an incredible amount of money! The job was never boring. I treated patients in outpatient, acute care, sub-acute, and long-term care and, on my last day, I observed a total knee replacement.

The last time I completed an assignment in Boston, I began working on my Doctorate. While on assignment in January 2006, I graduated from Boston University with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy! I was able to become Dr. Letha Gidharry, DPT while traveling!