Greetings fellow travelers and welcome to MedPro Staffing. You may be new to traveling nursing, or you may be a seasoned pro. Either way, I bet you know what you want from a traveling nurse position. But what can you expect? How will your life go day to day as a representative of MedPro Staffing?

My experience has been beyond expectation from day one. I was on the internet exploring the opportunities in traveling nursing. It was a holiday, so I did not expect to be contacted. However, I received a warm and welcoming e-mail from my future recruiter Katie Young, who was also on vacation. I noticed the dedication and joy Katie expressed for her job, and it matched my feelings about being a nurse.

Katie saw my on line inquiry, and responded with a casual e-mail. I wrote back and discussed my long term plan, my vision of what I wanted to do with my life. We felt a connection right away. Katie introduced me to traveling nursing and what MedPro has to offer.

My first assignment was my dream job. Katie made sure I was prepared with everything I would need to have a great experience. The staff at my new assignment were fabulous! I was treated like the professional that I am. And I had plenty of time off to be my own person.

Through each transition, Katie made sure I always had what I needed both personally and professionally. MedPro helped me to get licensed in new states, get my ACLS certification, and improve my skills and marketability. I have made new friends and professional contacts. I have explored new locales. And my pay package was more than I expected. I believe I will work as a traveling nurse until I am ready to retire

Good luck to you in all you do. I hope you choose to represent MedPro, and have the time of your life!