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Tax Tips for Travel Healthcare Pros

As a traveling healthcare professional, you enjoy wonderful locales, excellent opportunities and the excitement of fresh opportunities. But, you also face some unique challenges when it comes to your taxes.

To ensure you are in compliance with all federal and state tax laws, we recommend you consult with an accounting and tax professional. Before you prepare for your meeting; however, here are some notes and tips to keep in mind:

– If you maintain a permanent residence in your home state while you are out on assignment, you can typically still file for the cost of your daily living expenses to help pay for food while you are on assignment. For the exact costs you can claim, consult a tax professional.

– Depending on where you have worked, you may have to file a state tax form for any state you worked in during the year. This requirement can vary by state, so consult your tax professional for specifics.

– If your employment agency or host healthcare organization is not paying for your mileage, you may be able to file for reimbursement.

– There are tax organizations dedicated specifically to helping traveling healthcare facilities. Word-of-mouth is a great way to gauge confidence in working with an organization, or a Google Search for “travel healthcare tax agencies” can bring up some helpful links to organizations.

If you have any questions before meeting with a tax professional, MedPro can help you find the information you need!
Armed with these tips and some initial preparation, you’ll be well prepared for your meeting with an experienced tax professional. And if you are searching for exciting new travel therapy or nursing assignments to start 2012, contact MedPro. We work with healthcare organizations across the country, and we’ll help you find the right assignment to reach your personal and professional goals.