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Taking Your Family on Travel Healthcare Assignments: Seven Things to Keep in Mind

You may be thinking about working as a traveling healthcare professional, but are unsure because you are married and have children. While it may entail a little more planning, the good news is that having a family should not prevent you from entering the travel healthcare field because you can take family members with you.

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If you plan on traveling with your family, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Your agency will help you with accommodations. Your agency recruiter will help find you a place to stay. But you should provide him or her with additional details if you are taking your family along. For example, how many bedrooms will you need, does the place allow pets, how close to a school and playground area is it? Consider what amenities you will need while traveling with your family so you can let your recruiter know what you need.
  2. Check on health insurance. Your agency will provide you with healthcare insurance, but it may not cover your spouse and children. Check with your staffing manager in order to get your spouse and children insured as well.
  3. Plan ahead. Find a family doctor and dentist, and if necessary a veterinarian at your new location before you leave so you will be ready if there is an emergency. Put the names and numbers into your cell phone contact list.
  4. Child care. Will you need daycare? Will you be able to plan your schedule around that of your children, or will your spouse care for them? Again, this is an area where a little planning will go a long way. If you do need daycare, it is best to check ahead for what is available.
  5. If you can, drive to your new location. This may be a bit inconvenient if you have taken a position at a more remote location. But naturally, having your own transportation can be very helpful if you have a family along.
  6. Plan for your children’s education. Your agency can help you find information about the schools at your new location and how to enroll your children. Some traveling healthcare professionals with spouses have elected to homeschool their children while on assignment, which is another option. Some places offer cyber schooling. Another possibility is traveling during the summer months while children are on summer vacation.
  7. Have fun. Traveling offers many exciting opportunities, not just for you and your spouse, but especially for your children. It gives them the chance to see and experience different places and cultures and people, which is an education in itself. You certainly want to take advantage of all that your new home has to offer.

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