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Summer Nurse Staffing

Summer Sun and Summer Nurse Staffing

Why Summer is the Right Time to Focus on Nurse Staffing

The sun is shining and the grass is growing, but how is your nurse staffing over the summer? Visits to the emergency room consistently increase over the summer months, leading to a higher need for medical staff. On a positive note, it is also graduation season and with peak weather conditions, more nurses are ready to make the move to your facility. Here are seven reasons why summer is the right time to focus on nurse staffing.


May and June are peak months for graduation. This means a ton of fresh nurses ready to be hired. Set up booths at end-of-year job fairs or at the graduation itself. This demographic of nurses is likely the most eager to travel for the first few months or years of their career. It is a lot easier for a student right out of school to pick up and move to a new town. These recent graduates will also have recently been trained on the latest techniques so they may end up as better assets for your facility. You can also get them at a discount compared to a more established employee.


Warmer weather makes summer an ideal time to move. Summer is consistently both an ideal buyer’s and seller’s market. Nurses of all types will be on the lookout for their next opportunity during the summer months. Is your facility up north? You are less likely to woo a potential candidate when the temperature is near or below freezing. This is also the best time to post photos of your facility or your town to encourage nurses to head that way.

Higher Need

Unfortunately, with the nicer weather comes the increase in emergency room visits. This means nurse staffing is even more important during the summer months. Longer days and better weather lead to increases in falls, burns, swimming injuries, and more. Make a plan during the late winter and spring to battle the summer woes. A summer nurse staffing shortage will lead to higher wait times and unhappy patients. When there is extra fun, the injuries are a ton!

School is out

For travel nurses with kids, the summer months may be the time they decide to take their whole family on an assignment. A travel nursing assignment could turn into a fun family vacation. Summer break for students is usually around 12 weeks, similar to a travel nursing assignment. Looking to hire a permanent nurse for your facility? These nurses are also more likely to move when school is out over the summer so their kids can start fresh at the new school in the fall.


There are always tons of festivals and events going on over the summer. Keep a list of these events handy to provide prospective nurses. Travel nurses will generally be more likely to take a position in a town with a lot going on. These are also great opportunities for your staff to attend and take photos for your social media. When prospective nurses are researching which facility they would like to work at, they will generally start with the hospital website and social media pages. Make sure to keep both platforms fresh with interesting content from both in and outside of the facility.

Highlight amenities

Moreover, summer is the perfect time to highlight what makes your town a great place to live. Is your facility near the beach or great hikes? Are you in walking to distance to a variety of restaurants and bars? Poor winter weather may lead to depressing job prospects, but a lush summer landscape may make all the difference. Make sure to take plenty of photos over the summer to post on your website and/or social media pages. Plant a variety of flowers around your facility over the summer and use those flowers as subjects in appealing social media posts. Prospective nurses are not only interested in the culture inside your facility, but around town as well.


Many facilities follow a fiscal calendar of July 1-June 30. This means they would prefer to handle hiring decisions just prior to the end of the last fiscal year or right at the start of the new one. Once the budgets are finalized, it is difficult to make changes. Planning your hiring decisions for early to mid-summer will fit perfectly with your budgeting needs.

Let us help you staff your nurses this summer!

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