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Summer Assignments: Taking Advantage of All That Summer Has to Offer

Summer is a great time of year. The weather warms up, festivals and outdoor activities are in full swing, and many people are in a better mood! While you balance invitations to backyard cookouts, beach adventures and bike rides, don’t forget that the summer is also a great time to bolster your healthcare career.

Get ahead during the summer months

Many of your industry competitors slow down during the summer to take vacations and relax. This can open up new job opportunities for you! Or, if you’d prefer to have a more easy-going summer, you can always use the longer days to fit in more career-related activities at your leisure.

Here are just a few ways to take advantage of all that summer has to offer:

  • Network at summer outings. Because of the nice weather, people become much more social during the summertime. If you’re currently looking for a job opportunity, use outings as a chance to mingle with your peers. You never know: you just may get a new job lead.
  • Fill in for vacationers. Employers often rely on staffing firms to help them maintain a full staff during employees’ vacations. This can open up plenty of short-term assignments for you as an allied healthcare professional! Test the water with new job experiences during the summer months. This can be especially beneficial to recently graduated healthcare professionals looking to build up their resumes.
  • Travel to new cities while the weather is nice. If you are open to travel placements, what better time than during the summer to accept a new assignment? You’ll be able to experience a new city and culture while summertime activities are in full swing!
  • Learn something new. If you prefer to spend your summer taking a break from job assignments, have fun by learning something new! Take a class, attend a conference or seminar, or do some professional reading on your own.
  • Catch up on your continuing education. Spend some lazy, hazy days completing a few continuing education credits during the summer months.
  • Update your documents. Get ready for your fall job search! This summer, prepare for your next job or travel assignment by updating your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn page.

Whether you decide to keep moving your career forward or take it easy, make plans now for how you’d like to spend your summer months. There are plenty of options available that can only help your future career. Good luck and have fun!

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