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Six Reasons to Consider Applying for (and Accepting) a Travel OT Job

Are you feeling stagnated in your OT job? Maybe you’d like to experience something new. Or maybe you’d like to specialize in another branch of the OT profession, but you’re not sure which direction to take. If this is the case, a career in travel OT could be your perfect next step. You’ll be able to try new roles, learn and grow in your OT career—and figure out what it is you’d like to do permanently—or you just may decide that you enjoy life on the road.


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Benefits of travel OT

To help you make your decision, just consider the following advantages of travel work:

  1. See the country. Ours is a vast and wonderful nation, full of everything from tropical climates and beaches, to wide open plains, to mountains, to big cities, and everything in between. Where you travel next and what you experience is entirely up to you.
  2. Expand your resume faster. Travel assignments last around 13 weeks. So you can tack on more OT job experiences and build your resume much faster than with a standard, stationary job.
  3. Meet new people. If you’re a people person, this is a huge perk of travel OT. You’ll get to interact with new co-workers and new patients with each new travel assignment. Think of all the great connections you can make!
  4. Learn new things. You’ll be able to experiment with your OT career and try different roles that will allow you to build your knowledge and skill set. This will help you become more marketable as you look for new positions.
  5. Have adventures. Of course, once you punch the time clock, you’re on your own. This can include taking in the sights and sounds of your temporary new home. You can experience the local cuisine, culture, history, music, art, nature, etc.
  6. Visit a place before setting up permanent residence. If you’d only prefer to try travel work temporarily, it will give you the chance to experience an area before you decide to move there permanently.

Travel work can be very rewarding

You’ve entered the healthcare field to help others, and there’s no better way to share your gifts than with travel work. You’ll be able to contribute to a much larger patient base, and spread your wings even further throughout the healthcare industry.

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