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You Just Found out Your Spouse Is Being Relocated—What Does That Mean for Your Travel Nursing Career?

Picture this: You’re a nurse and your significant other has just announced a job offer they can’t refuse. The only catch? It’s out of state. It’s time for a family meeting—what is your next career move, to ensure your family will continue to have two incomes?


Good news! Your nursing background just happens to qualify you for an exciting, flexible and potentially lucrative option—travel placement. Here’s how it works.

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Travel nursing work: what’s in store

Travel nursing gives you the chance to complete temporary assignments at locations all over the country. Placements can last anywhere from 4–26 weeks, and sometimes you may be invited to stay on for extended assignments, based on facility need. You can look for an assignment or two in the city your spouse has been hired in, or move around the country while you accept placements as you see fit. You can work as much or as little as you like, and can travel anywhere a travel opportunity is available. If you have children or pets, you can bring them along on your travel assignments or leave them home with your spouse. It’s completely up to you!

Benefits of travel nursing

So, why would you choose a career as a travel nursing worker? You can gain any of the following benefits:

  • Learn new skills. As a travel nursing professional, you can accept assignments in different settings helping different patient populations. You’ll be able to explore the areas of your profession you love the most, or discover new passions.
  • Give back. Travel workers are called upon when locations are most in need of help. So you’ll go to sleep each night with the knowledge that your talents are both needed and appreciated.
  • Meet all kinds of people. You’ll get to work with a shifting array of patients and co-workers, helping you expand your people skills and professional network.
  • Receive good pay. Travel nursing professionals work hard and are well compensated for what they do.
  • Skip office politics. We’ve all seen it. When people work together over an extended period of time, tensions can build. But if you’re a temporary worker who is frequently bouncing to your next placement—you’ll avoid all of that.
  • Get help finding assignments. If you work with a staffing agency, your recruiter will help you line up another placement when your current assignment ends. It saves you the time and anxiety of hunting for a new job on your own.

Gain an exciting, unique opportunity

Not all professions can boast the option to travel continuously for work. If you’re ready for a new challenge, why not give travel healthcare a try?

MedPro Healthcare Staffing can help

We specialize in the placement of nurses and healthcare staff with travel positions across the nation. To learn more about our travel nursing employment opportunities, contact one of our helpful, experienced recruiters today by calling 800-866-8108!

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