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Top Job Opportunity: Speech Language Pathologist in California

f you’re an experienced speech language pathologist (SLP) and would like to work in California, take a look at this traveling position at one of MedPro Healthcare Staffing’s top healthcare clients in the Golden State.

You’ll need a current California license to practice as an SLP (or be “proactively” in the process of applying for it; contact us for more information). You’ll also need current certification in CPR and you must have CCCs.

Call us today to learn more about this position (and to learn what California city this assignment is located in).

Some things about California that you probably didn’t know:

  • The state has the highest as well as the lowest points in the contiguous 48 states. What’s more, both are within just 100 miles of each other. Death Valley’s Bad Water area is 282 feet below sea level while Mt. Whitney’s highest peak reaches 14,495 feet above sea level (that’s almost three miles, by the way).
  • California’s Inyo National Forest is the location of the oldest living species of pine cone; some of the trees there are believed to be more than 4,600 years old.
  • The General Sherman Tree, located in the state’s Sequoia National Forest, is by volume the largest known living single stem tree on the planet.
  • The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles is the largest outdoor amphitheater in the world.
  • Various estimates put one out of every 10 or even as many as one out of every eight people who live in the United States as living in California.
  • Many of them live in two of the top 10-most populous cities in the country, Los Angeles and San Diego.
  • It’s believed that more than half a million detectable seismic tremors occur each year in California.
  • Due to tectonic plate movement, geologists estimate that Los Angeles is moving eastward at about 1/5 of an inch each year.
  • Reno, NV is actually further west than San Diego. (Take a look at a map of the United States if you don’t believe us.)
  • San Bernardino County, its westernmost edge located about 40 miles east from downtown Los Angeles, is the largest county in the United States, encompassing three million acres.
  • Put 85 of the world’s smallest countries together and the resulting land mass will still be smaller than California.
  • The state’s Central Valley, at 75 miles wide and 430 miles long (north to south), is arguably the richest farming area in the history of the planet.
  • Enough strawberries were grown in California in 1997 to circle the globe 15 times.

Want to experience California for yourself? If you’re a speech language pathologist with at least one or two years of professional experience, send your resume/CV to a recruiter at MedPro Healthcare Staffing today. We look forward to hearing from you.