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Social Media Hacks to Network With Other Travel Nurses

As a travel nurse, networking is important to your career growth. The concept of networking is quite simple—interacting with others in your field to gather information you can use in your nursing career. And with the wide range of technology at your fingertips, networking is now easier than ever! You can network with the best of them and never even have to leave your home. How? Through social media, of course!

How travel nurses can use social media for networking

Some nurses are completely comfortable with social media sites, while others log in and freeze, wondering what to do next. The beauty of social media is that it’s designed to be as user-friendly as possible! Simply set up your free account and let your fingers do the walking through the following sites:

  • While on Facebook, you can “like” and “follow” professional organizations, and participate in conversations on their pages. To do this, go to the Facebook page of the organization and click the “like” button. The default setting is “follow,” which means you’ll get updates in your feed when the organization posts content. Or you can visit the organization’s page to read through its posts. Plus, you can start conversations by posting comments to your own Facebook page. Remember that only those with whom you are Facebook friends can see your posts—so invite other travel nurses with Facebook pages to connect with you by sending them Facebook friend requests.
  • On this popular site, you can see the content posted by anyone without following them first, and you can follow whomever you like without being accepted as a follower (it’s not required). To follow a group, simply do a search, find the Twitter page, and click Follow. Once you follow someone—such as a fellow nurse or professional organization—their tweets will populate in your Twitter feed. You can comment on tweets and begin a conversation. Or you can post your own tweets and include an applicable #hashtag phrase to help others see your conversation.
  • Designed as a place for professionals to connect, LinkedIn allows you to interact with nurses, plus others beyond your field. You can send connection requests to other LinkedIn users to build your network. Then, you can join groups with common interests and participate in conversations. If you’d like to share your nursing knowledge, you can contribute articles to the LinkedIn feed—either those you’ve written or those you’ve found online and would like to share. LinkedIn is a great place to be noticed, and it’s not uncommon for recruiters to message you about job opportunities.

Social media best practices

Follow these tried-and-true rules to be sure your social media experience is a positive one:

  • Don’t share PHI online. Always use good judgment when posting. HIPAA rules apply on social media, just as in your day-to-day patient and staff interactions. Never post photos of patients or any identifying information.
  • Keep it professional. Even if you’ve had a bad day, don’t let this show through in your posts. Remember, the world (literally) can access every word you write. So treat your social media interactions just as you would in-person interactions at your travel assignments. Your posts shouldn’t contain anything you wouldn’t mind broadcasted on the front page of the news.

Looking for your next travel nurse job?

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