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Smartphone Apps for the Traveling Healthcare Professional

You’re mobile and so is your phone. As you work hard at your travel assignment, make sure your smartphone does too.

Read below for information on a few smartphone apps that you may find useful as you work at your assignment.

Evernote can help you keep track of all the many things you need to do in a given day. Whether they’re tasks you need to take care of at work, at home, or things you want to do in the future, this app allows you to create lists that you may access at anytime, anywhere you have an Internet connection. The app also allows you to save photos, videos, websites, etc.

Are you wondering how to make a great cheese stake in Philly or how to pick a few chords on a banjo while on assignment in Nashville? Then Howcast can help you learn. This app provides video tutorials on how to do or complete a great variety of tasks. The app allows you to save the video how-tos, if necessary.

For just 99 cents you can purchase MedCalc at the iTunes store. This app has more than 200 formulas, scores, classifications, and scales.

Will you be working with Spanish-speaking patients? Then MediBabble may be for you. This free app offers downloadable translations of Spanish, Cantonese, Russian, Mandarin, Haitian Creole, and more.

For another 99 cents, Med Abbrs will put 13,000 medical abbreviations at your fingertips. The app also will warn you when an abbreviation is on the “do not use” list of the Joint Commission.

Perhaps one of the best smartphone apps for a healthcare professional – traveling or not – is Epocrates Rx. This app provides free information on thousands of generic and over-the-counter drugs and prescriptions. It also gives you information on how to identify a pill by its imprint code, its shape and color. You’ll also be able to access information on a medication’s potential side effects.

Instant Heart Rate is an accurate heart rate monitor app for iPhones. It’s been independently tested by nurses, physicians and EMTs. Total time from opening the app to getting a heart rate? Ten seconds. It works by placing a finger over the app’s camera and holding it steady for 10 seconds

Speech therapists take note: If you have an iPad and patients that have a speech disability, download the free app Verbally. This app helps those with a speech disability communicate more easily.

Are there some great apps you can’t live without while on a travel assignment? Tell us about them here and then contact us here at MedPro Healthcare Staffing to learn more about the many great nursing, OT, PT and speech therapy travel assignments we offer.