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Six Ways to Show Appreciation of Your Travel Healthcare Staff

You care about your staff—now it’s time to show them! Your workers breathe life into your healthcare organization, taking care of your patients and each other. And your travel workers, though temporary, have just as big a role in your facility’s good reputation as your full-time permanent staff. You’ve worked hard to find them, so why not celebrate all equally? Here’s what you can do.

Employee appreciation adds to a positive work experience, and helps improve the happiness and productivity of your staff. It makes your organization a great place to work and makes it easier for you to find and maintain employees. Plus, upbeat employees provide high-quality, friendly care to your patients. In short: by showing your workers appreciation, everyone wins! Try any of the following:

  1. Know who everyone is. Especially for your temporary travel healthcare staffing workers, it matters when you remember who’s who. Get to know your staff and greet them by name. This small gesture can go a long way in showing you care.
  2. Remember your manners. If one of your workers has gone above and beyond or simply put in an honest day’s work—say thank you! You can also recognize superstar performers on your company intranet or in your corporate newsletter.
  3. Give gifts for hard work. You’ve worked with your travel nursing staffing partner to find your travel nurses, and you know you’ve hired candidates willing to go the distance for your organization. So when a worker has gotten a compliment from a patient or completed a big task, never be afraid to provide rewards. Gift cards for restaurants, coffee, dry cleaning, gas, grocery stores or other things are thoughtful ways to recognize hard work.
  4. Provide ways to learn. Giving your workers access to training, inservices and other educational opportunities shows you want the best for them. This, in turn, allows your employees to give back to your organization through their improved skills.
  5. Bring treats. Everyone can relate to the warm and fuzzy feeling of free coffee and donuts at the beginning of a shift. Cookies in the break room on occasion, pizza for lunch, fresh fruit at the nurses stations … gestures that involve treats are welcome by all workers.
  6. Take time to relax. Inviting workers out for dinner or drinks for a holiday or special occasion helps spread good cheer. Plus, it gives you a chance to get to know your staff a little better when everyone can relax and chat.

Looking for travel nurses?

Building your employee appreciation is important, but it’s also wise to maintain adequate staffing levels. This way, you can ensure patients are well taken care of and none of your employees are overworked. Travel healthcare staffing services provide the coverage you need for a well-rounded healthcare team.

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