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Six Tips to Help You Manage Your Travel Healthcare Staff

Travel nurses and allied healthcare staff can be an advantage to your facility. They help you fill staffing gaps, cover leaves of absence and fill positions requiring specialized skills. If you’re wondering how to get the most from travel staff and manage travel nurses, take steps to help maximize these relationships. It just takes a little management finesse.

Sure, they’re used to working in a new location every 13 weeks. But you can help make your facility a temporary home-away-from-home for your travel nurses, and add to their productivity and work performance. Here’s how:

  1. Allow for a smooth transition. Being in a new place among a brand new team can be intimidating—even for travel nurses who are used to it. You can help welcome them into the family by introducing them to the medical team, especially individuals with whom they’ll be working directly.
  2. Provide sufficient onboarding. Documentation, tax forms, parking, facility orientation, dress code, policies and procedures … all of these things should be part of onboarding for travel nurses. Allow adequate time and be thorough—your attention to detail will make your onboarding process efficient. Also, one of the best ways to work with your recruiter is through the onboarding process. They will provide onboarding services, and it can help to coordinate your efforts.
  3. Keep an open-door policy. If your new travel staff has questions, it’s important they can get a hold of you—or someone who can provide information and guidance. It can be helpful to hook your new travel workers up with on-the-job mentors, at least until they feel comfortable with their new placement. Good communication with travel nurses can help them get up to speed quickly and succeed at your facility.
  4. Maintain contact with your recruiter. Your recruiter will help you maximize your travel nurse relationships. They are a valuable contact, both for you and for your temporary travel staff. Make sure you have your recruiter’s contact information and know the hours you can reach them.
  5. Consider extended contracts. If you have a need for additional travel staffing and have a current travel worker who fits well with your facility, consider extending their contract. You can save time onboarding a new worker by sticking with one already familiar with the job.
  6. Show staff appreciation. You can help your travel staff to feel part of your team by showing your appreciation for hard work. This can be as simple as a heartfelt thank you, or as intricate as a special team dinner. It’s really up to you!

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