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Six Tips for Finding a Great Travel Allied Job in 2017

Are you an allied health professional ready for a career change? If so, a travel job might be right up your alley. You’ll be able to experience new facilities and roles, and interact with different people on a regular basis. Plus, you can travel around the country, visit different cities and see the sites while you build your allied healthcare resume. If you decide travel work is for you and you’re ready to find an allied healthcare travel job, follow these tips to get you started.

The allied healthcare career outlook for 2017 is very bright! The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 19 percent growth in healthcare occupations from 2014–2024, which is much faster than the national average for all occupations. Current allied healthcare career trends are due to an increased need for healthcare professionals—as affected greatly by aging baby boomers. You can follow these six tips for help finding your next allied healthcare travel opportunity:

  1. Work with a recruiter. The best way to find travel allied healthcare jobs is to partner with a recruiter specializing in travel healthcare placements. Niche recruiters will understand the industry, what qualifications you need to get hired, and where employers are hiring. It will make your search for a travel allied job much faster and easier than searching on your own.
  2. Know what you’re looking for. Whether working with a recruiter or looking on your own, it helps to know what you want. If you can narrow down details such as type of role, type and size of facility and geographic location, you will be able to focus your search and find opportunities that are best for you.
  3. Visit popular job sites. Websites such as and allow you to search by keywords and scroll through a large database of travel job possibilities. Many employers list with these sites and you may be able to find a travel job that meets your career needs.
  4. Pepper your resume with keywords. Recruiters and hiring managers need to sift through piles of resumes, so sometimes they rely on electronic assistance in the form of an Applicant Tracking System. These systems scan resumes for keywords to help narrow down hiring choices. You can beat the system by including keywords in your resume that the ATS might be looking for. To determine keywords to include, include phrases from the job posting.
  5. Search Google. A simple Google search for Travel Allied Health Jobs can help you locate choices and get moving in the right direction. Google is optimized to make your search as efficient as possible, so you may be surprised at what you’ll find!
  6. Ask colleagues. College friends who graduated from the same program or industry contacts may have suggestions for good places to find travel allied healthcare jobs. “Polling the audience” can result in great job leads!

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