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Six Signs You Need a New Travel Healthcare Staffing Partner

Your staff allow your company to run efficiently. They’re the pistons who keep your business engine pumping! So it’s important to get the right candidates in place. An exceptional staffing agency is an invaluable partner to help you find the staff you need, quickly and easily—but what happens when you’ve noticed your staffing relationship doesn’t seem to be working?

Six red-flag indicators of a poor travel healthcare agency

Is it time to break up with your recruiter? You may want to make a change sooner rather than later if you notice any of these six telltale signs:

  1. Job matches that don’t stick. You rely on your travel healthcare staffing partner to place nurses and other staff who match well with your facility. But if you have had travel workers who didn’t complete their contracts, or full-time hires who’ve left in less than a year—it may be time to reassess your staffing relationship.
  2. You’re getting too many candidates. Your recruiter should take the time to narrow down your hiring options and place you with only those workers best qualified for your job openings. So when you find yourself sifting through too many resumes, it could be a sign your staffing partner is passing too much of the work on to you.
  3. You’re doing more than your fair share. The best staffing agencies will do the legwork when placing new hires. This may include finding, interviewing, hiring and onboarding your new travel staff.
  4. You can’t get a hold of your recruiter. It’s essential to be able to contact your recruiter to discuss your staffing needs. But if you’re having a difficult time reaching them, it may be time to find a new staffing partner.
  5. Online reviews aren’t good. Maybe it’s not just you—if you’re beginning to question your staffing partner, do a simple Google search and see what reviews you find. Less-than-impressive results may help to validate your concerns.
  6. The customer service could be better. This goes for you, as well as your travel healthcare staff. You and your travel workers should be able to work with your staffing agency for questions, concerns and any issue resolution. If this isn’t happening, it may be time for a new staffing partner.

In the market for a new staffing partner?

Check out MedPro Healthcare Staffing! We work with our clients to find and place highly qualified travel nurses who match with your hospital culture and job qualifications. Plus, we help our nurses to be their very best through our MedProU program—so you’re always sent nurses who possess current licensure and cutting-edge industry knowledge. To learn more, contact one of our experienced recruiters below!

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