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Six Reasons to Be a “Tiny House” Nomad as a Travel Healthcare Professional

Looking for a life with less stuff and more adventures? As a travel nurse, you’re taking a step in the right direction—every 13 weeks or so, you’re off to a new destination. But one consideration is: “Where will I live on travel nurse assignment?” Though your recruiter will work with you to find suitable housing, you may be concerned about living expenses. Plus, there’s the cost to maintain a residence in your tax home, while paying to stay somewhere on assignment. If you’re in search of housing options for travel nurses, check out the up-and-coming Tiny House Movement—a convenient way to bring your home with you on the road!

What is a Tiny House?

Quite literally, it’s a “micro” living structure that minimizes wasted space and utilities. These pint-sized homes are around the size of a garage and have an entire TV series currently dedicated to them on HGTV. Tiny houses maximize the use of space and have attractive, dollhouse-like interiors. You can hitch them to the back of your vehicle when it’s time to hit the road, and set them down in a tiny house community once you reach your travel nurse assignment.

If purchasing a tiny house is a consideration, look at the following advantages they offer travel nurses:

  1. Save money on housing. If you’re heading to an area with high rents, such as New York City, a tiny house offers you the ability to save money every year that you can spend on other things. Think—vacations and retirement savings.
  2. Downsize your possessions. When you own a lot, you have to find ways to store it, move it, clean it and otherwise take care of it. When you minimize what you own, you’re responsible for much less. This can be a huge weight off your shoulders.
  3. Do Mother Nature a favor. A much smaller living space means a much smaller utility bill. Using fewer natural resources to power your home also means reducing your carbon footprint for travel RNs—a nod to much “greener” living.
  4. Never need to unpack. If you bring your home with you on the road, you’ll always be unpacked. This can save you time in preparation for each new assignment.
  5. Always know where you’re going to stay. Another time-consuming task is securing housing for each travel nurse assignment. Think of all the time you could save with a tiny home! So instead of, “Where will I live?” you can be thinking, “What movie do I want to watch tonight?”
  6. Bring your pets, hassle-free. Travel nursing with pets comes with its own responsibilities. Though they don’t have room for large pets, a tiny home is a perfect dwelling for you and your cat, small dog or other small animal. Since you own your own tiny home, you get to determine whether or not it’s pet friendly!

Want to learn more about travel nurse tiny homes?

You can find all you need to know through a simple Google search, or by visiting the Tiny House Community online.

Looking for your next travel nurse assignment?

Contact MedPro Healthcare Staffing. We’ll work with you to find assignments in the best cities for travel nurses. Whether you reside in a tiny home or need other housing options, we’ll help you find temporary residence. To learn more, call MedPro Healthcare Staffing today at 1-800-866-8108, or apply for a travel nursing job below.


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