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Six Questions to Ask Before Picking a Travel Healthcare Staffing Firm

Nurse-ThinkingLooking for a Travel Therapy Company to Help You Find Candidates?

Travel healthcare workers can allow you to meet staffing demands on a temporary basis. Whether you’re looking for nurses, therapists or allied healthcare staff, travel workers provide the temporary staffing boost your facility needs to help keep business running smoothly when things get busy. You can help prevent the burnout of your full-time staff while maintaining the high level of care your patients deserve. When choosing a travel healthcare company, be sure to do your research and make the best decision for your facility. It can help to ask the right questions.

The following six questions are critical to ask any travel nursing company (or other travel healthcare staffing service) before you decide to make them your full-time staffing partner. Choose any or all of the following:

  1. What is your staffing specialty? First and foremost, staffing companies are not created equal. Some staff for many positions, while others specialize in only a few. You can imagine that specialized “boutique” firms have a deeper understanding of the industry they staff for—and will increase your chances of finding best-matched travel workers.
  2. What is your screening process? Travel allied staffing firms and other travel healthcare agencies should always conduct thorough background checks. After all, the safety of your patients and your facility is in the care of your staff. A trustworthy healthcare staffing company should conduct full screenings that include education and reference checks, as well as drug testing.
  3. How/when can I contact a representative? Hospitals and other healthcare facilities don’t just operate from 9–5. And you never know when you’ll need to contact your travel nursing recruiter to request additional staff. The best travel nursing agencies offer multiple ways for clients to contact them (e.g., by phone and email) and provide extended hours when needed.
  4. What services do you offer to travel employees? It’s the nature of the industry—your travel workers may be crossing state lines to get to you. Licensing requirements are different from state to state, and having to sort it out on their own can delay travel workers from accepting assignments. Plus, travel workers will need a quick, easy solution for housing during a placement. Find out what services a travel healthcare firm provides to candidates—allowing for a smooth transition to your facility!
  5. What do you charge and what do your fees include? Cost and value are important factors in staffing, as in anything else. You may wish to compare the fees of a few different travel healthcare staffing services—and find out what they include. For example, the best travel staffing firms provide training and onboarding assistance to their employees.
  6. How many travel workers do you successfully place each month? Travel nursing staffing services, travel therapy firms, can give you an idea of the quality and efficiency of their services. How? Ask how many travel workers they place with positions each month. An important follow-up question is how many placed travel workers complete their assignments.

Make comparisons

To aid your decision, you may wish to reach out to several travel healthcare staffing agencies to be sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Which firms are professional, efficient and easy to work with, and offer access to a wide network of travel healthcare candidates? The choice is yours but always do your research before you make the leap.

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