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Six Myths About Working for a Travel Nursing Staffing Firm

You may be thinking about becoming a traveling nurse. The idea of working in different locations at different healthcare facilities may appeal to you. However, you may have some reservations about it because of what you have heard. The bits and pieces you may have picked up about travel nursing may be true, or may be a common myth or misconception about the profession. Here are some common falsehoods:


You have to move every 13 weeks.

This is not true. While it is the case that assignments last for 13 weeks, you can easily extend an assignment if you like. Nurses have worked at one assignment for months and even years.

In fact, traveling nurses say that if you do a good job, the healthcare facility will often ask you to stay longer. So, you can stay if you like, but you still have the option of moving to another assignment if you want.

Regular staff at healthcare facilities are not welcoming.

Most of the time, the permanent staff at medical centers are happy to welcome traveling personnel. That is usually because they are shorthanded and need the help, which takes a burden off of them.

Traveling nurses generally enjoy their assignments, as they learn new ways of doing things and meet new people and make new friends. Plus, they get to see different parts of the country.

Moving around doesn’t look good on a resume.

Actually, the reverse is true – traveling can really improve your resume. Working at different places, you not only gain experience, but you learn new techniques and procedures, as well as how to work with diverse groups of people. You get a more wide-ranging exposure to various medical approaches than you would ordinarily get at just one place.

Plus, since you have to get up to speed quickly at different places, employers know that you are a fast learner, know how to adapt well to different environments, and can work well with others.

You cannot choose your assignments as a travel nurse.

This is not true either. You can choose where you want to go, and recruiters will work with you to help you get the location you want.

You cannot bring pets along.

Companies actually encourage travel nurses to bring pets. It helps them feel more comfortable and get settled in at a new place.

You cannot bring family.

Many travel nurses bring family with them. If, say, a nurse’s spouse is retired, or otherwise able to travel, many go with the traveling nurse. If the nurse is able to bring children along, it can make for a great vacation as they get a chance to see a new place.

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