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Shy Personality? Here’s How to Shine During a Travel Nursing Job Interview

As a shy person at an interview, you may feel at a disadvantage. After all, it’s so much pressure—how can you be expected to be confident, with a personality so big it fills the room and makes a great impression on the hiring manager? The answer is easy: you don’t have to. At a travel nursing job interview, all you have to be is yourself, with one small caveat—you can’t stay home, hiding under your covers. You need to get out there and face the world, but you can follow a few tips to help you ace your interview. Here’s what every shy, introverted person needs to know to do great on the big day.

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The one fact you have on your side

Most introverted people feel uncomfortable on “public display” and do best in one-on-one situations. Well, guess what? A job interview, in many cases, is the quintessential one-on-one conversation! So right from the start, you’re walking into a scenario where you’re automatically set up to do well.

How to handle a group interview

If you’ll be interviewed by multiple people at once, this can be nerve-wracking. But fear not. Just try to focus your conversation on one person at a time, and it will be much easier to do well in this type of interview setting.

Think about what you’re good at

You’re qualified for this position because of your education, skills and job experience, so keep your focus on that. Be prepared to talk about how your career thus far has prepared you for the job, what you’re good at, and how you can help the company. Just the knowledge that you’re one of the best choices for the job will help boost your confidence.

Don’t beat yourself up

Yes, you’re shy. Yes, you might blush or feel generally uncomfortable. Just accept this fact for what it is, and don’t apologize for how you feel. Simply prepare for the interview and get ready to answer questions honestly and to the best of your ability. Never assume the interviewer is thinking things he or she may not be thinking, such as, “He’s noticed how shy I am” or “She can tell I feel self-conscious right now.” None of these things may be true, but even still—it doesn’t matter. The world needs all types of people to make it go ‘round and being shy does not detract from your knowledge, skills or ability to perform your job.

Keep the end in sight

Though it may feel as if it will never end, you’ll eventually be able to wrap up and go home, where you’re more comfortable. If you feel yourself getting worked up, just remember the interview is a blip on your radar—it’s only temporary.

Be gracious

Your gratitude will go a long way. Always thank the interviewer for their time and send a follow-up note. If you’ve forgotten to mention anything during your interview, or would like to clarify something you’ve said, simply include this in your follow-up.

Smile, because you’ve done your best

At the end of the day, our best is really all we can do. You prepared well, and you should be proud of your hard work. If you feel that you missed the mark in your interview or misspoke, don’t give up hope! For specific strategies on how to recover after a poor interview, read our related blog post: Think You Dropped the Ball in a Job Interview? Here’s What You Should Do.

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