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Should You Reject Someone Based on Enthusiasm?

It has been said that nothing great ever happens without enthusiasm. So when searching for a new hire, it’s important to understand what enthusiastic employees can bring to your company. This soft skill helps to fuel ideas, creativity, positive energy and ultimately, productivity—and the good news is it’s contagious.

The danger of a lack of enthusiasm

Unfortunately, a lack of enthusiasm is also contagious and can bring down an entire department. So when you’re interviewing candidates, it can be in the best interest of your company to handpick workers who show signs of energy and excitement—and steer clear of those who seem to be just going through the motions.

How to identify a passionate employee

As you interview, you’ll want to look for signs of genuine enthusiasm. You can accomplish this with the following questions:

  • When/how did you decide you wanted to pursue this line of work?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Why do you want to work here?
  • How will you help this company?

Look for signs that the candidate enjoys his or her career and is ready—and excited—to contribute and bring value to your team.

How to encourage—and maintain—enthusiasm in your facility

Once you’ve found positive, energetic employees, you’ll want to keep them motivated. Here’s what you can do to encourage ongoing enthusiasm within your facility:

  • Listen to multiple viewpoints. Hold regular meetings and encourage all your staff to speak up. It’s important to take everyone’s ideas into consideration, and let your employees know you’re listening by actually putting your employees’ good ideas into practice.
  • Give time and space for creativity. Rigid work environments don’t often allow for creative brainstorming. It can also help to have an attractive, stimulating and fun work environment that lifts morale and inspires productivity.
  • Be supportive. Your employees should be able to offer their ideas in a supportive, open environment—when thoughts and ideas are constantly met with judgment and negativity, they will cease to flow.

Enthusiasm can be the difference between good – and great – staff

You want the very best and brightest on your team. It’s this top talent that will help push your facility ahead of the pack. So when seeking new talent, look for those willing to go above and beyond—and soon your business will, too.

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