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Should Travelers Use LinkedIn?

When travel assignments take you all over the country, social media can remain your one constant. You stay in touch with friends and family via Facebook and keep up on news with Twitter, but where does LinkedIn fit into your life as a traveler?

LinkedIn is a snapshot of your professional life. Keep it updated, but concise, and recruiters or employers will be able to find you when they have a job that suits your experience.

Include a summary on your profile where recruiters can see your expertise at a glance. LinkedIn is one of the first places recruiters go to find candidates, so be sure that your profile includes keywords that accurately reflect your specific expertise.

If a travel recruiter is looking for a nurse with neonatal experience who is willing to travel nationwide, for example, and you include that information in your profile, you are more likely to come up in a search.

LinkedIn can also be useful for keeping up with your industry. Join linked in groups for travel healthcare professionals.  For example there is currently a “Travel Nursing” group with about 4,000 members and several other groups that offer information about travel healthcare opportunities.

Traveler specific groups allow you to trade tips and best practices with people in your profession. If you don’t have a strong network of colleagues at your current assignment, participating in a LinkedIn group provides a place where you can chat. You’ll have a source of like-minded individuals who run into the same issues and problems as you do who can form an on-the-road support system for you.

Don’t use LinkedIn as a place to complain publically because recruiters and employers can participate too, but do answer questions or contribute intelligently so that you present yourself as helpful and professional.

Take a look at our previous article to learn more about how to best use LinkedIn as a Travel Healthcare Professional. Or if you are interested in exploring new travel health opportunities, contact your MedPro Healthcare Staffing recruiter. We’ll talk to you about where you want to go with your healthcare career and find you opportunities that will get you there.