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Seven Questions to Expect in a Travel Pharmacist Interview

Though travel pharmacists are in high demand, that doesn’t mean a hiring manager won’t conduct a thorough interview. Just the opposite: hiring managers want to make sure the travel pharmacist they select is qualified for the open position, as well as a good fit for the facility. You can be ready to deliver a killer travel pharmacy interview by preparing answers to seven common questions.

Know your answers to these seven interview questions

You can never predict with 100 percent certainty what an interviewer will ask. However, you can help yourself remain calm and confident by coming to your interview prepared with answers to important interview questions, including:

  1. How much do you know about work as a travel pharmacist? To answer this question, do your research. Learn about the facility and the position for which you’ve applied. Also, think about the qualities you possess that will make you successful at travel work. (Hint: travel pharmacists need to be flexible, open-minded, friendly and adaptable in order to do well in frequently changing travel positions.)
  2. Why did you decide to pursue a pharmacy career? This question gives you a great opportunity to tell the interviewer a short story about what inspired your career choice. Stories can be invaluable to help you explain the passion you have for your pharmacy career.
  3. Why are you interested in a travel career? An answer as simple as, “I want to see more of the country” will not suffice. Though this could be included in your answer, you may also want to mention how you want to explore different career settings, challenge yourself to learn new things, or branch out and meet new people.
  4. How has your education prepared you for this role? Think about what specific education, skills and experience have made you uniquely qualified for this particular job.
  5. Tell me about your past employment experiences. What did you like the most or least? A question like this gives you a chance to showcase your work ethic, interpersonal interactions with colleagues, and problem-solving abilities. If there was something you didn’t like, what steps did you take to improve the situation?
  6. How do you deal with a difficult patient/customer? How much grace do you exhibit under pressure? Healthcare workers all need to deal with difficult patients from time to time, but having compassion for those who are ill or upset can highlight how much you enjoy helping others.
  7. You realize a patient is taking two drugs that interact. What do you do? With this question, an interviewer is checking your clinical skills. You’ll want to show that you know what you’re doing and have a plan for how to handle this type of situation.

Be ready for a phone or video interview

Because many travel pharmacists must travel a long distance for placement, many travel pharmacy interviews are conducted by phone or video. If you have a video interview, be sure to dress just as you would for an in-person interview: in a suit or business attire.

Are you ready for your next travel pharmacy placement?

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