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Selecting a Travel Healthcare Employment Agency

If you want to travel and if you’re a nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist or pharmacy professional, you’re in great demand at hospitals and medical facilities all over the country for short-term (minimum of 13 weeks) assignments.

If this career interests you, you’ll need to register with one or more staffing services that provide traveling healthcare professionals.

Read below to learn how to spot a good staffing service.

A good travel staffing service:

  • Pays for your accommodations while you’re on assignment. If you don’t wish to stay in the apartment they find for you, the staffing service should offer you a healthy housing stipend so that you may find your own accommodations.
  • Will pay for all of your licensing fees and will even help you get the proper licenses for the state(s) in which you’ll be on assignment.
  • Provides a 401(k) retirement plan.
  • Offers dental and medical insurance coverage.
  • Is available to you 24/7. Can you get a hold of a staffing manager at any time?
  • Helps you keep your continuing education requirements up to date.
  • Pays you weekly and offers direct deposit electronically to your checking/savings account.
  • Provides professional liability insurance coverage.
  • Understands that healthcare travelers also have personal lives and works hard to accommodate you in regard to your family’s needs, whenever possible.

Finally, avoid at all costs a staffing service that requires you to pay them for the privilege of finding your assignments. A legitimate service never asks for money up front. In fact, a legitimate service never asks you to pay it anything, ever.

For more information on the benefits of working for a healthcare travel agency such as MedPro Healthcare Staffing, contact one of our recruiters. We’d love to discuss the hundreds of opportunities we have at medical facilities and hospitals across the county. We look forward to hearing from you.