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RN Travel Careers: Five Tips for Finding a Great Assignment

Becoming a travel nurse is an exciting opportunity in your nursing career. You’ll get to work in an ever-shifting array of settings, travel the country (or possibly the world), meet new people and build your resume. The more you learn, the more qualified you’ll be to branch out and try new and different assignments. As you search for travel RN jobs, you may be wondering how to find the best assignments. MedPro Healthcare Staffing has assembled five effective ways to land travel nurse placements you can get excited about. Here’s what you need to know.

As you begin the search for your next travel nurse position, try the following tips to help ensure you land a placement you’ll love:

  1. Do your research. A quick Google search can yield a list of travel nurse staffing agencies to help you get started. Visit their websites, talk to colleagues and peruse the internet to see what others are saying about them. By gathering plenty of information, you can choose an agency that offers good travel RN jobs, competitive pay, comprehensive benefits, help obtaining state licensure, etc.
  2. Optimize your resume. This, plus your cover letter, are the documents that will help you get noticed by a recruiter. Be sure your resume is well written and contains key phrases that will bypass applicant tracking systems and land in the hands of hiring managers.
  3. Be flexible. When you’re open to working in multiple locations, you open up your selection of potential travel nurse placements. Consider not just one, but several cities in which you’d like to work. It can also help to look into travel RN jobs that aren’t during prime shift hours—this type of flexibility can work in your favor.
  4. Work with your recruiter. Your travel nurse recruiter is your partner in your job search, and wants you to succeed. Be specific about the type of travel placement for which you’re looking, and your recruiter will be better equipped to help you find it. Plus, you’ll get job coaching and interview skills to help you get that much closer to your next travel nurse placement.
  5. Ask other nurses. Do you currently work at a facility that employs traveling nurses, or do any of your colleagues work in this field? Ask for recommendations of the best travel nursing companies to work for. Relying on the experience of your fellow travelers is a great stepping stone to finding great travel RN opportunities and the best RN travel agencies.

If you’re ready, give MedPro Healthcare Staffing a call

The expert recruiters at MedPro Healthcare Staffing will work with you to understand your travel placement preferences and find travel RN employment opportunities that align with your career goals. Plus, we offer competitive benefits and pay, as well as many other perks to help you love what you do. So if you’re ready for the next step in your travel RN career, reach out to MedPro Healthcare Staffing today!