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Resume Tips for Travel Nurses and Travel Therapists

As a traveling healthcare professional, you may be traveling to new assignments several times each year. Time may seem to get away from you; however, it’s important to regularly update your resume.

Your resume is often the only thing a potential employer will see.
Healthcare facilities often base their hiring decisions on specific qualifications and skills – presented on a resume. But when your resume contains errors or mistakes, it can cost you your next assignment.

Your resume and cover letter should be free of errors.
Having error-free resumes and cover letters is imperative in your search for your next travel assignment. Here are 3 tips to ensure you don’t miss out on job opportunities because of spelling and grammar:

Use a professional tone.
The language used on a resume should be different than how you speak on a daily basis. Ensure your tone is professional and you use succinct language in your resume.

Ensure it is entirely error-free.
Don’t just avoid spelling errors – be sure you’re using the name of the recipient (and company) correctly as well! Beware – spell checks won’t catch improperly-used words. After running your spell check, print out your resume and cover letter, then read through to ensure no typos were missed.

Watch out for a shift in tense.
When describing your accomplishments in a cover letter or resume, use the present tense to describe your current assignment. For any previous positions, use the past tense (after all, you don’t work there anymore).

Follow these tips and you’re on your way to an error-free resume and cover letter. But, if you need additional help with your resume, contact MedPro. Our experienced recruiting team will help you market your skills and experience to land your next great travel nursing or therapy assignment.