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Relocation Expenses and Travel Nursing: What You Need to Know

If you’re new to travel nursing or considering a career as a travel nurse, there’s plenty to know about your travel expenses. Once you get used to a career as a travel nurse, it will be second nature to you—just like the rules of any job. And when you work with a staffing agency, your recruiter will help you understand your relocation expenses and what to expect.

Travel expenses

What do these consist of and what is covered? As a travel nurse, expenses such as mileage to reach your destination, meals and incidentals, and housing may all be tax-free travel expenses. To qualify for tax-free status, you must elect a tax home—the city or location where you work for the majority of the year. If you have a tax home, you can claim travel expenses as tax-free, provided they were incurred while you were on a travel assignment and temporarily away from home. The expenses must also be reasonable and necessary to qualify for tax-free status.

In addition to being able to claim travel expenses on your taxes, your staffing agency may also provide travel allowances to help you cover the cost of traveling to your assignments.

Housing expenses

Your staffing agency will usually provide one or two housing options: corporate housing, provided by the agency, or a per diem housing reimbursement if you decide to secure your own housing. If you wish to bring family and/or pets with you, your staffing agency may require additional fees or deposits, and you can often cover these through payroll deduction. If you choose to stay with a friend or family member, you will forfeit your per diem housing reimbursement—you will only receive this if you incur housing expenses.

Your recruiter is a valuable resource

As a travel nurse, remember you can always contact your recruiter with all your questions about relocation expenses. They will guide you through the relocation process, helping you understand what you need to know. With your recruiter just a phone call or email away, you’ll never have to worry when you need help or more information!

Looking for your next travel nurse job?

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