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Referral Opportunity – Help Us Spread The MedPro Experience

International Referrals

MedPro Healthcare Staffing is seeking foreign trained Registered Nurses to work in the U.S. under three-year employment agreements. If you know someone overseas who is interested in immigrating to the U.S., contact us now.

For each Registered Nurse you refer and who later joins MedPro, you will earn a $1,500 referral bonus. If you are a MedPro employee you will be eligible for an additional $1,000 bonus, for a total of $2,500. There is NO limit to the number of referrals you can make or bonuses you can earn.

Payments are made in three installments: first when the Registered Nurse you referred commences employment with MedPro, and then 12 and 24 months during his or her employment with MedPro.

For more information, please contact Anna Carbonell.

Domestic Referrals with 2 years US Experience

MedPro Healthcare Staffing is also seeking Registered Nurses with at least 2 years of acute care experience in the U.S. for travel assignments throughout the U.S.

Refer your colleagues and friends to MedPro and use our exceptional referral program, to earn $500 per Registered Nurse you refer. You will receive your $500 bonus 12 weeks after your referral has started her or his contract with MedPro.

Our referral program has NO limit to the number of referrals and bonuses you can earn in a calendar year, so the sky is the limit.

For more information, please contact your Personal Journey Guide or email Vasco Lopes da Silva. Thank you!