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Raising a Family While Pursuing a Traveling Healthcare Career

If you’d love to work as a travel therapist or nurse but feel that you won’t be able to because you have a family at home, think again: It’s definitely possible to pursue a career as a traveling healthcare provider while married and/or with a family.

Read below for some tips on how to do this.

Most, if not all, traveling staffing services (such as MedPro Healthcare Staffing) understand that their employees don’t live in a vacuum. Staffing services often are happy to accommodate a traveling healthcare professional’s needs in this regard.

Working as a traveler actually give you more control over your personal life because you can pick and choose where and when you’ll work. Many staffing services allow you to choose assignments that will let you drive home for weekends, or even weeknights (just as you do for a “regular” healthcare position).

If you choose to travel farther from home, you can take your family with you and many services will help you find an apartment/townhome or even single-family house large enough to accommodate everyone. Since you may be choosing not to use the service’s paid-housing arrangement, the service often will give you a housing stipend to help you find a place on your own.

Some travelers think outside the box when it comes to living arrangements and buy or rent an RV. This way, your “home” travels with you, allowing your children to sleep in the same bed every night, with little disruption.

As for schooling, you may need to consider homeschooling. Others who travel with children accept only long-term assignments nine months to a year in length), so that their children may attend school for a full academic ear.

We’ve often seen couples who are both traveling healthcare professionals arrange it so that one of them is home while the other is on a travel assignment.

Whether you’re single or you’re married with children, understand that hospitals and medical centers across the country have a critical need for your skills. Don’t think for a moment that you’ll be turned down because you have a family. As stated above, we’ll work with your family needs to ensure that you, your family and our client healthcare providers are happy with the traveling arrangement. Contact us today to learn more about the many opportunities available!