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Employers Want You to Have All the Qualities of a Good Travel Nurse

Are you an allied healthcare professional, nurse or pharmacist looking for a change of pace? You may want to consider travel assignments! With travel healthcare, you get to see the world and meet new people; however, this career path requires you to possess certain traits to be successful. To help you learn more about travel healthcare placement and what to expect, it’s important to understand what employers look for in new hires.

What Makes a Good Travel Nurse?

As they peruse piles of healthcare resumes, the following are the top qualities a potential employer is seeking:

  • Flexibility. Sure, there are locations where you’d like to be placed. But the fact is, positions open up all over the country. The more open you are to where you end up, the faster and easier you will be placed with your next assignment.
  • A level head. As you travel to new placements, you’ll have to adapt to a new city, new co-workers and new facility rules. The ability to remain calm and stress-free under pressure is a plus for traveling healthcare professionals.
  • Job experience. If you’re a well-rounded healthcare professional, it can be very helpful in your travel healthcare career. The more on-the-job knowledge you have under your belt, the more of it you can apply to your new assignments. However, if you’re just getting started in your travel healthcare career, don’t be discouraged. Travel placements are temporary, and this gives you plenty of room to learn many new job skills.
  • The ability to learn new things quickly. Think of all the new things you’ll experience on each assignment; not just at work, but also outside of work. The faster you can pick up new policies, procedures, directions and names, the better off you’ll be.
  • A sunny outlook. It’s easier to work with a pleasant person than with a grouch! Every 13 weeks or so, you’ll be surrounded by new faces. A positive attitude will help you get to know and collaborate with your new healthcare team, as well as with your patients.
  • Great organizational skills. Traveling from assignment to assignment, it’s important to be able to keep track of paperwork and important professional documents. Being organized will help you pack well and travel as lightly as possible, while still being able to locate everything you need.

Are you ready?

If the above traits describe you, it may be time to consider a position as a traveling healthcare professional. Take advantage of everything this rewarding career path has to offer, such as personal and career growth. The choice is yours: what will your future hold?

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