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How to Demonstrate Your Value in a Job Interview

As you interview with travel healthcare staffing firms and with their clients, a big way you can differentiate yourself from other candidates is by demonstrating the value you bring to an employer.

If you remember just one thing from this blog post, remember this: employers hire people to solve problems. That’s it. They don’t hire them because the job is the candidate’s dream job. They don’t hire because the candidate needs to feed her family. They don’t hire the candidate because the individual has a nursing, PT or other healthcare degree or certification. They hire people only if they feel the individual can solve the problem the employer has that caused the employer to open the position.

In the case of healthcare workers, the problems you will be asked to solve include caring for sick individuals, helping them recover the ability to function, helping them die comfortably, helping them come to grips with a permanent disability, and so on.

So if you can make sure you demonstrate your value and ability to solve these problems to an employer, you’ll stand out over 95 percent of all other candidates!

Continue reading for tips on how to show this value:

  • Research the company before your interview. Whether it’s a staffing firm or a hospital that needs a traveler, take some time to do a bit of reading about the company. Look at its website, look at LinkedIn for its management and read up on them. Google the firm’s/hospital’s name to see what has been written about it the news. And so on. Notice what the hospital’s/staffing firm’s current challenges may be and during the interview, highlight specifically how your skills and background can be of benefit.
  • Solve the hospital’s/staffing firm’s problem.That is, come up with a specific plan and present it to the interviewer/hiring manager. For example, let’s say a hospital is short-staffed when it comes to NICU nurses (so it’s turned to the healthcare traveling service to help it find more). Show the assignment manager how your experience in managing other NICU nurses helped keep the department humming because schedules were complete, scheduling holes were filled, NICU nurses hired had the requisite skills, etc. Of course, you’re interviewing to be a traveler; you won’t be working at this hospital’s NICU long enough to become a manager. But by showing how you understand the unit’s needs, you stand head and shoulders above other candidates.

If you’re an RN, PT, OT, speech therapist, pharmacist, or other allied healthcare professional looking to bring your considerable skills to hospitals, medical centers – and their patients – who critically need those skills, contact the recruiters at MedPro Healthcare Staffing to learn more about our travel assignments. We look forward to hearing from you.