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The Top Professional Organizations You Should Join as a Traveler

If you’re working as a healthcare traveler – or you want to start looking into this healthcare career sector – in addition to belonging to your particular specialty’s professional organizations (the APTA for physical therapists, for example), there are a few others you may want to join specifically for travelers.

Read below for a short list, with descriptions, of some of the top healthcare traveler organizations/associations you may want to consider joining.

  • First up is the National Association of Travel Healthcare Organizations (NATHO). This is not an organization or association for travelers, but one for travel organizations. The non-profit NATHO was founded in 2008 to “promote ethical business practices in the healthcare travel industry.”
  • PanTravelers (full name: Professional Association of Nurse Travelers), is “the leading voice and advocate for healthcare travelers in the U.S.” The organization offers resources, tools and provides professional development information for healthcare travelers of all professions.
  • If you’re an RN, you’ll want to check out the American Travel Health Nurses Association (ATHNA). This organization says it’s the “only” one to be committed just to “the advancement of travel nursing in North America” (U.S. and Canada). ATHNA provides nurses with education, research and development resources.
  • There’s even a magazine just for traveling nurses (and it’s actually very helpful to all travelers, no matter what your profession): Healthcare Traveler. The online magazine is full of stories, advice and resources for the traveling healthcare professional. Whether you’re a nurse, PT, OT, speech therapist, pharmacist, or other healthcare professional; whether you’ve traveled for years or you’re just exploring this career, check out Healthcare Traveler.
  • Another terrific online magazine is Highway Hypodermics. Among other resources, the magazine provides city guides, profiles of travel companies, location reviews, and much more.

These organizations/publications can help you learn more about the travel healthcare sector, help you find great travel staffing companies, offer you leads and tips on how to best navigate the maze of becoming licensed in different states, help you with continuing education tasks, and much more.

But perhaps most importantly, these associations and publications for healthcare travelers can help you learn from and connect with both experienced and newly minted travelers.

Whether you’ve been working as an RN, OT, PT, speech therapist, pharmacist, of other allied healthcare professional for two years or 20, if you’ve ever thought about working as traveling healthcare professional, now is the time to learn more. Contact the recruiters at MedPro Healthcare Staffing today!