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Four Ways Being Proactive With Your Recruiter Can Help Your Healthcare Career

Be good to your recruiter! He or she is a crucial partner in your healthcare job search and will help you land a best-fit job based on your unique healthcare background. As you can imagine, it’s very important to have a good relationship with the person who plays such an important role in your future. Perhaps the best way to maintain a good relationship with your recruiter is by being proactive with him or her. Show initiative in the following ways to help further your healthcare career.

Four ways to be proactive with your recruiter (and how it can benefit you)

  1. Follow up regularly. Your recruiter most likely has a very busy schedule (and is not ignoring you). Plan to check in every several days to see if any healthcare jobs have opened up that would be a good fit for you. Healthcare is a popular field to work in, and chances are, others are jumping on the same job opportunities. Good—and regular—communication with your recruiter will further your chances of landing your dream position.
  2. Be honest. After you’ve been placed with a new job, it’s not time to set your recruiter’s business card aside. Don’t wait for him or her to check in and see how things are going: contact your recruiter and give an honest assessment of your new position. If you love your job, it helps your recruiter understand good placements for you, especially if you travel for work and your placements are only temporary. If you don’t like your new job, telling this to your recruiter will help him or her find you a new placement that is more appropriate.
  3. Provide updates. If you’ve gained a new skill or experience, taken a class or added anything else to your resume, tell your recruiter. Information like this gives him or her more to leverage when presenting you to potential employers.
  4. Pay it forward. Has your recruiter done a good job? By all means, recommend him or her to colleagues who are also in search of healthcare positions. This helps your recruiter gain experience and get better at what he or she does, which can benefit you. Also, good will of this sort helps strengthen your relationship with the recruiter, and keeps you top-of-mind when new healthcare positions open up.

Your job is a large part of your life, so you want to be successful at it. Use these tips to stay proactive with your recruiter and, in turn, advance your healthcare career.

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