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Tools to Help You Plan your Next Weekend Getaway While Working as a Traveling Healthcare Professional

You’ve worked long and hard hours as a travel therapist or nurse, working with people to help them achieve good health. Once in a while, you deserve a break!

Take advantage of all your travel positions have to offer and plan activities using the following resources:
TripAdvisor is perhaps the most ubiquitous name in travel websites. With an extensive area of reviews and information on various hotels, restaurants and airlines, you can research destinations and make informed decisions for your trip. Use the “trip ideas” page to enter your habits and preferences, and let TripAdvisor choose a destination for you. This robust travel resource is likely to have all the information you need to decide, plan and book your next weekend getaway.
Searching for a quaint weekend getaway near your latest travel position? A trip to your nearest bed and breakfast might be just the answer! At, you can search by destination, or for a specific B&B, to find the perfect place to relax for a weekend getaway. The “hot deals” section also provides an opportunity to look for last-minute savings on your destination.
Frommers produces travel guides for every conceivable destination in the world. And their website provides extensive resources for people who are looking for weekend getaways. Specially-themed vacation ideas provide additional options for the perfect trip to suit your needs. An extensive discussion forum also provides an opportunity to speak with other travelers in your area to determine which weekend getaways might be the best options for you.

Adventure Clubs
Looking to get into the outdoors and take advantage of the unique area surrounding your latest travel position? Adventure clubs are located in major markets throughout the country, including San Diego, Gainesville, Phoenix, Austin, and other great cities. These clubs provide an opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals in your new temporary city, and enjoy some fast-paced activities. To see if an adventure club is located near you, simply search for “[City Name] Adventure Clubs” on your web browser. Local chambers of commerce can also be a resource for finding these organizations.

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