US News Ranks Pharmacists as a Top Job for 2012

If you’re currently working as pharmacist, you chose a terrific career: once again, has ranked the job of pharmacist as one of the Best Jobs 2012.

If you’re thinking of getting the training necessary to become a pharmacist (four years or more of post-graduate training after college) you’ll find that, according to, “[j]ob prospects should be excellent in the field in the years to come, and the earnings potential remains relatively high. While the market has cooled a bit from several years ago, experts say an aging population and increasingly complex medicines will keep industry growth healthy for years to come.”

Employment opportunities should grow by a whopping 25.4 percent between 2010 and 2020, reports, siting Bureau of Labor Statistics data. This growth, plus the fact that pharmacists tend to be well-paid (the BLS reports that the median salary for pharmacists in 2010 was $111,570), make the career the number 3 career in’s Best Jobs of 2012.

Earning your pharmacy degree (the Doctor of Pharmacy, or the Pharm.D.), isn’t easy. Not only will you be undertaking a rigorous four-year post-college program of study (see above), but you’ll need to pass one or more tough exams. A one- or two-year postgraduate pharmacy residency wouldn’t hurt, either, especially if you want to practice in a pharmacy specialty such as in a clinical practice or a research lab.

Many pharmacy students wish to pursue an MBA while in their pharmacy program or afterwards. Others look for pharmacy programs that also offer a master’s in public health (MPH).

Another benefit to working as a pharmacist is the opportunity to serve as a travel pharmacist. In this capacity, you’ll travel to different communities and pharmacy facilities all over the country. MedPro Staffing, in fact, has a contract with the U.S. Veterans Administration, and we’re a regular provider of pharmacists in VA hospitals.

Contact us today for information on pharmacy positions in your current community or in a city across the country!

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