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Performance Reviews for Travel Healthcare Professionals—What You Need to Know

A good performance review can be a bargaining chip for increased pay. Even though your travel positions are temporary, your reputation as a good worker will follow you. This is because your recruiter will communicate with your site managers. A good performance review will allow you to continue to earn within a consistent pay bracket, but can also allow you to request increased compensation for future positions. Of course you want to do your best on the job, but you can also take several important steps to help ensure you receive the best possible performance review.

How to earn a superstar performance review:

  • Understand your job role and what your manager is looking for. Whether it is your recruiter or your onsite manager, they expect you to perform your duties at a certain level. Review your roles and responsibilities with him or her to get an idea of what is expected of you. Then, do your best to exceed expectations.
  • Meet regularly with your manager. Don’t set yourself up for surprises. Meet with your onsite manager on a regular basis—such as every other week—to discuss your job performance. Stay in frequent communication with your recruiter while on assignment. Learn what you’re doing well and ways in which you can improve.
  • Keep tabs on yourself. You know what your manager is looking for, so pause every week or so to make sure you’re on track with your duties. If you need support or have any questions, bring these up to your manager so they can addressed.
  • Find ways to add value. Look around you—what could you do to help improve processes, patient care, etc.? During team meetings, voice your suggestions. Helping to improve the status quo will help you establish yourself as a valuable employee.
  • Keep track of your accomplishments. You’ll be on staff for a short time, but managers have a lot on their plates. Keep a running tally of all the ways you contribute at your facility, so you can present these to your boss right before your performance review.

You are your own best job coach

You owe it to yourself to always do your best—you’ve worked hard to get where you are in your career. Your skills and work ethic will help establish you as a valuable healthcare employee, regardless of your temporary employment status at each location. Only you can keep yourself on track toward the future as you learn and grow on each assignment. Draft a career plan to help guide you as you select new assignments.

Where will you go next?

If you’re a travel nurse, pharmacist or allied health professional looking for your next placement, contact MedPro Healthcare Staffing. Our recruiters will work with you to add job experiences that will help you achieve your career goals. To learn more about our nationwide travel positions, contact one of our experienced recruiters.