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Packing Tips for Your First Travel Nursing Assignment

If you are heading to your first travel nursing assignment, you probably have a pretty sizable list of tasks you need to take care of, including packing. This being your first trip, you might be unsure about what you should bring and what you can leave at home.

To get you started in the right direction, here are some packing tips from experienced travel nurses.

Check with your recruiter

If you will stay in housing that is provided by the staffing company, the recruiter will be able to tell you what is included with the housing and what you may have to bring yourself. For example, most housing is furnished. It comes with the essentials – bed, nightstand, dresser, sofa, lamps, dining table and chairs. You will probably have to bring your own linens, towels, cooking implements, plates and utensils.

Find out if the place has a microwave, and if not, you may want to consider bringing one along. Also, don’t forget shower curtains.

Make a list

Make a list of everything you want to bring and then check it off as you pack it. Here is a list of things to bring on a travel nursing assignment put together by traveling nurses:

  • Household: sheets and pillowcases, blankets/comforter, bath towels, shower curtain, laundry basket, cooking utensils, dishes and glassware, pots and pans, dish towels, coffeemaker, umbrella, small vacuum, flashlight, batteries and chargers
  • Personal electronics: cell phone, alarm clock, camera, laptop
  • Clothing: uniforms, dress and casual clothes, exercise clothes, swimsuit, bathrobe, shoes, sweaters, coats
  • Work and Personal Items: traveler’s handbook, workplace safety and patient care standards manual, professional services agreement, driver’s license, car insurance papers, Social Security card, professional licenses, copy of birth certificate, copies of credentials, phone number of nurse manager and facility, timecards, important books, etc.


Before packing clothing, check the typical weather for your travel location. Experienced nurses recommend dressing in layers so you can more easily adapt to changes in the weather simply by adding or shedding a layer.

Travel light

This is the general rule for all travel and applies here as well. Taking a lot of stuff will only make packing and moving that much harder and more time-consuming. Take only those things you absolutely cannot do without for 13 weeks. Don’t bring more than you need.

Some of the more bulky items like TVs, DVD players or a microwave you can rent or buy a cheap used version, so you don’t have to bring them along.

Career Resources for Travel Nurses

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