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Online Resources for Travel Healthcare Professionals

We certainly don’t have to tell you about the wealth of resources online for traveling healthcare professionals. Yet it’s easy to feel a victim of information overload because there are so many sites. How do you know which to look at or how to find the better sites?

What Information Are You Looking For?

 For hints and help with travel and relocation: Some links on our own site to sites such as, to, and more.
 Taxes and financial questions: Links to tax and financial resources we feel are particularly helpful to our traveling healthcare professionals, including,, Turbo Tax software, and more.
 Licensing questions PT, OT and speech therapists: Links of use to OTs, PTs and speech therapists are here.
 Licensing questions for nurses: Licensing links for nurses.
 Licensing questions for pharmacists: Licensing links for pharmacists
 Licensing questions for laboratory or respiratory therapists: Licensing links for lab and respiratory therapists.
 Helping you find friends: Several blogs may interest you, including:

  • Travel Nurse Aim, a blog by a traveling nurse who writes about her experiences;
  •, one of the Internet’s largest travel nursing forums
  •, a spot where PTs can talk and learn from one another;
  •, to help you find people while on assignment who have the same interests and hobbies as you do; and more.
 Healthcare resources of value: Click here for links to several healthcare resources of value, including, the website for the Department of Health and Human Services; the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and more.
 Sites to help you have fun while on assignment: We’ve put together a compendium of sites we think you’ll enjoy, including, a site that offers free video training on just about anything from knitting, to piano playing, and more;, which scours the Web looking for deals; and other entertaining sites.

What online sites do you think would be helpful to healthcare travelers? Send us links!

We also hope you’ll send MedPro Healthcare Staffing your CV/resume. We have dozens of traveling healthcare opportunities at sites all across the country. Contact us today.