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The Pros and Cons of Having an Objective on Your Resume

Should you include an objective statement on your resume?

Some career experts yes, of course! The objective statement shows an employer that you know exactly what you want and what you offer. Others say no, never! The objective statement pigeonholes you, limits you, and doesn’t really show an employer what you can do for her.

So which is it? Should you – or should you not – include an objective statement on your resume?

Read below for the pros and cons of using an objective statement on your resume.

The cons:

  • As mentioned above, an objective statement can limit you. It shouts to a potential employer that whatever is on your objective statement is what you can do. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • An objective statement is all about you: “Looking for a position as a speech pathologist where my 10 years of professional experience can be put to good use.” Employers hire people to solve problems; this type of objective statement is asking an employer to do you a favor “Looking for a position…’ is saying that you want the employer to give you a job. It says nothing about what the employer gets out of hiring you.
  • A broad objective statement such as the one above makes it appear as if you don’t know exactly what you can and want to do. It also can indicate that you’re sending your resume out willy-nilly to as many openings as you can find and that you’re not tailoring your resume to the specific job to which you’re applying.

The pros:

  • A specific, concise objective statement lets a recruiter or hiring manager get a clear snapshot of your plans for your career, as well as the skills you bring to the table.
  • An objective statement can be useful to new grads or those changing careers.
  • For career changers, it can indicate excitement and confidence in a career’s new direction.
  • Many companies now use algorithms to scan resumes, looking for specific keywords. An objective statement can be a great place to include important keywords, making it easier for your resume to pass muster.

What’s your take on the objective statement? Do you use always use one, or have you discarded it for a “summary of qualifications” or other overview of your background and skills?

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