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Nursing Ranked as One of 2012’s Top Jobs has ranked the top jobs for 2012 and the career of nursing sits in the top spot.

The website compiles its “Best Careers” list each year based on the Labor Department’s employment projections.

The top 10 careers are:

  1. Registered Nurse
  2. Software Developer
  3. Pharmacist
  4. Medical Assistant
  5. Database Administrator
  6. Web Developer
  7. Computer Systems Analyst
  8. Physical Therapist
  9. Computer Programmer
  10. Occupational Therapist

U.S. News based its rankings on “for the Best Jobs of 2012 on professions that should hire abundantly over the next several years.”

Nursing, it continued, should see a growth of more than 700,000 jobs this decade (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics), rising by about 26 percent.

The article goes on to say that “[f]or a better chance at landing a nursing job, you’ll want to determine your niche early, consider using virtual networking tools, and look for employment outside a hospital setting.”

The only other health professions position that made the top 25 jobs for 2012 was paramedic, at No. 15.

U.S. News said it based its rankings by

“…comparing their projected growth up to the year 2020 with the current employment rates of the industry to which they belong. Other components that contributed to each job’s overall score and rank include its average salary, predicted job prospects, and a quantitative assessment of the job satisfaction of those who are currently or have previously worked in the profession.”

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