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U.S News Ranks Nursing as 2012 “Top Job”

You always knew that nursing was a great career and the Bureau of Labor Statistics as well as U.S. News and World Report have been reporting so for several years now. Healthcare positions often top the charts of “best jobs.”

This year is no different as once again lists nursing as the number 1 “Top Job 2012.”

A February 2012 article at predicted that the job growth for registered nurses “should see significant growth over the next decade.”

Based on BLS data, the article went on to say that “registered nurse employment growth of 26 percent between 2010 and 2020, adding 711,900 more positions. Solid employment growth and a wide range of job prospects help make registered nursing a top healthcare job, as well as the No. 1 career on our list of The Best Jobs of 2012.”

The article states that the “best-paid 10 percent” of nurses made a bit more than $95,000 annually, while the “bottom 10 percent” made a bit more than $44K. If you want the big bucks, look into personal care nursing or pharmaceutical or medical device companies. As for where you’ll make the most in salary, the article cited the cities of San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco.

The article recommends that RNs “[l]ook beyond the hospital. Nurses are fanning out into a host of jobs, ranging from rehab and long-term care facilities to nurse-run community clinics, schools, or corporations where preventative care and wellness are becoming a bigger focus—and a bigger source of jobs.”

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